Have a look at the different activities of Cross Culture Nieuwegein!


The CC meeting on Sunday’s is the most important meeting place for us. It is a service in which we make possibility of knowing each other and God through conversation, coffee, meal, prayer, Bible interpretation, singing and silence. We start at 13:00 with a meal and enjoy what we have cooked. Even if you do not bring your own food, you are welcome. There is always enough for everyone!

Children have their own program after the meal. The adults listen to a sermon in which Bible text is explained. Afterwards we talk in the small groups.

Regularly, someone is sharing something about his/her life or country of origin. We can often learn from each other’s story.

We make every effort to ensure that guests are welcome.

House groups

Throughout the week, we meet in different groups. In these groups, we meet each other, pray together and read the bible. Therefore, we discover what God wants to say and we help each other to apply these words in our lives. We also regularly eat together and help each other where required.

More information via Linda (0613204496).

Practical help

We find it important to help each other with the problems and we want to help the neighborhood. For example financial help, bicycle repair, borrowing a car, clothing, food or finding a language mate.

Every week we distribute food from three different places in the city. Through two community houses and on Sundays in the church. Contact us if you want to participate!


“Welcome, Welcome, Welcome Everyone!” with this happy song we start children’s program of Cross Culture Nieuwegein. We sing nice songs with gestures, listen to a story from the Bible, play a fun game and pray with each other. We learn a lot about people from theBible and about Jesus!

We like it if you come!

For more information contact Wiljanne (0613204496)


Group vacation

Every year we go for a holiday in summer holidays. With whom? People involved in Cross Culture Nieuwegein activities and the people who cannot afford holiday.

It is great to relax for a week and to have time to get to know each other better. Do you want to join? Welcome!


The teenagers meet each other at cross culture or the activities nearby playing football, watching a movie or on a group holiday together.

Cross Culture Christmas

This is an event to celebrate Christmas in a special way like God’s family. Friends, family, neighbors: everyone is welcome!