We are a group of young and old people with different nationalities. We meet each other with the purpose of getting to know each other and Jesus (better) and following him in our city, Nieuwegein. We meet every Sunday for the CC-Meeting. Then we celebrate that we are one in Christ by eating together, singing, praying and listening to God’s Word. In addition, we meet in a casual way at home, through bible study groups, alpha courses or in other ways.

We are a ‘spiritual home’ with all ‘nations’ in Nieuwegein.


Multicultural & Intercultural

We are a multicultural church. Christians from all cultures and from different churches are welcome. The native language is Dutch, but often it is translated or you can speak people in your own language. We sing songs from different cultures and traditions.

Core Values

Connection - In our activities we learn to know each other. There is plenty of space for meeting and conversation. Everybody is equal; you do not have to feel alone. Even with our Sunday service, we involve as many people as possible. Together we are a new family. People from all over, brought together by our faith and the love of Jesus that helps them to overcome their fears, in a world that sometimes feels so divided or dark.

Hospitality - Guests are welcome to our activities. We actively invite new people because we know that through these meetings people feel as if they are in God’s home. Would you like to come by? Welcome!

Sharing - We can learn a lot from each other because we are so different. Everyone can contribute in his/her own way. We share our food, our life stories, borrow cars, pray for each other and whenever possible we help each other with chores, translation or clothing. That is how it goes when you become a family.

Our Faith - Biblical education is very important for us: in Bible groups and on Sunday services. Bible verses are explained via sermon. We focus on: a) People who are Christians b) People who have just become Christians, and c) People who are interested in Christian faith.

The team

  • Theo Vreugdenhil
  • Maarten Atsma
  • Michele Atsma
  • Urbain Nkanga
  • Sameer Sarfraz
  • Sana Sarfraz
  • Linda Muilwijk
  • Rob Hoegee
  • Wiljanne Vreugdenhil

The board

  • Marjon Hoegee – Treasurer
  • Hendrik Hoegee – Management
  • Cornelis van Dis – Deacon from Hervormd Vreeswijk
  • Leo Visser – Elder from the Anchor Church
  • Theo Vreugdenhil – Pastor Cross Culture Nieuwegein


In December 2011, the first meeting was organized between members of the congregation of Hervormd Vreeswijk (PKN) and immigrant Christians from the network of members of congregation. Soon this meeting –‘CC meetings’ proved to be in need. The first year we met every six weeks, once a month and since February 2014 twice a month and from November 2017, we will meet every week.

It has now become a great platform for Christians and ‘seekers’ from many countries (we have already listed more than 30 countries of origin), with a committed group of about 50 adults and 10 children.

In Nieuwegein about 25% of inhabitants are immigrants. Many of them are Christians. When they come to the Netherlands, often they have no connection with Dutch churches, but they need a church. For them, Cross Culture Nieuwegein is a wonderful place to be able to find a spiritual home in this new country and to be helped to feel home in the Netherlands.