– Do you want to go quickly, go alone. Do you want to go far, go together!-

Pioneer Spot


Cross Culture Nieuwegein is a pioneer spot of Protestant church in the Netherlands (PKN). A pioneer place is an innovative form of church spirit that is in line with the changing culture and is aimed primarily at people who do not know the gospel and are not (more) involved in an existing church.

Hervormd Vreeswijk


Cross Culture Nieuwegein is originated from an existing church in Nieuwegein: Hervormd Vreeswijk. You could describe the relationship as a mother and daughter community. We are closely connected, but also separate communities.

In addition to Hervormd Vreeswijk we work with other churches and organizations in Nieuwegein. The ‘Ankergemeente’ Nieuwegein (CGK / NGK) is in process of becoming  an official partner as well.



Cross Culture Nieuwegein is a part of IZB. The IZB is a missionary organization within the PKN. IZB helps churches in fulfilling their missionary calling. The IZB has the desire that people get to know Jesus Christ and follow Him.