StekUp is a social cooperative, started from Cross Culture, where people on benefits can start their own businesses together. How? Thanks to a great place to work, collaboration with others, talent-oriented coaching and the support of experts from the local business community. There is also a charity cycle for the benefit of StekUp itself and Cross Culture! So, you can bring good things to support Cross Culture or become a volunteer in the cycle. The coffee is ready, welcome!
Address: Montageweg 22, Nieuwegein.

Cross Culture Nieuwegein is a pioneering spot of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands (PKN). A pioneering spot is an innovative form of being a church. We fit in with changing cultures. We primarily aim at people who do not know the gospel and who are no longer involved in an existing church.

Cross Culture Nieuwegein is part of the IZB. The IZB is contained within the PKN. This organization helps fulfil churches their missionary calling. This calling is that all people get to know and follow Jesus Christ.

Cross Culture Nieuwegein originates from an existing church in Nieuwegein: Hervormd Vreeswijk. You could describe our relationship as a mother and daughter community. We are closely connected, but also individual communities.

ICP is committed to the colourful kingdom of God. Hence, they help building intercultural faith communities throughout the Netherlands. We are part of a network that broadens, deepens and strengthens Christian faith in the Netherlands. This valuable network provides training sessions, network days and advice.

The Ankergemeente is a church in Nieuwegein that supports the mission of Cross Culture and helps where necessary.

In addition to the above official partners, we are in contact with local authorities and the local government in Nieuwegein.

There are also two living areas in our network. Residential group ‘Huize Humus’ with eight people in the Fokkesteeg district (Noordwijkerschans 60) and the ‘Villa Muhaba’ residential group (Lensveltlaan 17) in the City Center district with six people. Food is often distributed from these groups and there is a place to drink a cup of coffee. Contact us for more information or an address.