Interested? Need a conversation? A practical question? Need help with language?

Contact us (e-mail, sms, call, whatsapp, facebook):

Theo Vreugdenhil (pastor)
T: 06 2700 4576

We believe in teamwork. We all have different talents and giftings. Theo Vreugdenhil is our Pastor and contact person. Since April 2016, Theo has officially been appointed as a Pastor to serve the Cross Culture community for three days a week. Theo has studied Theology and has been involved in Cross Culture Nieuwegein since the beginning in 2011. After living a period abroad, he is now living in Nieuwegein with his wife and children since 2014.

Visiting address:
Bedumerschans 37
3432TC Nieuwegein
06 27004576

Address CC-Meetings on Sunday:
De Voorhof
Wiersdijk 8b

Do you have a question about staying informed of all activities within Cross Culture Nieuwegein? Then please contact Theo as well!