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Contact us (email, text, call, whatsapp, facebook):

Theo Vreugdenhil (pastor)
T: 06 2700 4576

We work as a team because we believe that in that way we can bring all the different talents and gifts to bloom. Theo Vreugdenhil is our contact person. Since April 2016, Theo has officially been appointed as a pastor to serve the Cross Culture community by working for two days a week for coordination and care. Theo has been involved in Cross Culture Nieuwegein since the beginning of 2011. After a period abroad, he lives in Nieuwegein since 2014 with his wife and daughter.

Visiting address:

Theo Vreugdenhil
Noordwijkerschans 70
3432TB Nieuwegein

Address CC-Meetings on Sunday
‘De Voorhof’
Wiersdijk 8b
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